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Dear dance friends and IMPRO_RINGers!!

>>IMPRO_RING is back!! on the 14th of March 2020 für die TANZTAGE INGOLSTADT 2020

Choreographer Raffaele Irace presents, together with dancers/choreographers Ruben Reniers (Berlin) and Sophia Wünsch (Frankfurt), the next edition of IMPRO_RING, the event for dance improvisation. The dance event is open for both professionals as for dance fans/lovers who want to join.

When? 14.03 - 20:00 (right after the evening dance program >>) Where? P3, Peisserstraße 3, Ingolstadt.

A workshop both for professionals and dance lovers about the IMPRO_RING and CORE-TRACKING © with Raffaele Irace, will be offered at neun, Kulturzentrum Ingolstadt, Elisabethstr. 9a, Ingolstadt.

IMPRO_RING, with the support of Solocoreografico Solo Tanzfestival and Gallus Theater - Frankfurt, under the artistic direction of Raffaele Irace
Dance: Raffaele Irace, Ruben Reniers and Sophia WünschConcept: Raffaele IraceIMPRO_RING

Follow this link to know more about this event.