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by The very secret dance society / Raffaele Irace

The IMPRO_RING starts from the consideration that for man every space can become special or sacred: all it takes is delimiting it with a “sign”, to assign him a meaning or a precise function. This „delimiting“ creates a private space or a space to be shared. It is not anymore an anony-mous space when it is set with a limit, a perimeter. It begins the dialogue, the relationship among „the inside“ and „the outside“ of the “circle”...IMPRO_RING. Inside the graphic sign of IMPRO_RING, whoever can decide to dance: alone, in two, in many. In the "RING", the dancer is immediately set in front of choices: to move or to dance, to stay firm, to improvise alone, to interact or not to interact, to include or to exclude, to enter or to go out of the „circle.“
The interaction already begins in the moment in which the eye takes conscience of a space that is possible to be used for a specific purpose.
The choice to enter the RING is already of very strong fact, since it requires a clear action to be taken for each one personal. It is in fact interesting „to feel“ when it is the moment to enter the ring ... and dance!

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