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A 5 minute video to get an impression about the IMPRO_RING dance project.
This footage was taken during the #3 edition of IMPRO_RING at the Museum of Natural Science of Torino - Italy in occasion of the opening of three Festivals: Youth Museum, Club to Club and Share Festival. The evening was organized by the dance project The very secret dance society, together with Improd@nce festival and Musica90 music association.
During the evening many DJ Set were ready for the dance improvisations lead by the invited dancers, choreographers and people from the public.
A very democratic access to dance in which each as the chance to enter and dance the IMPRO_RING dance floor, or enjoy others people beautiful dancing.

In this case a DJ Set was used as a music source. Highly recommended for the IMPRO_RING is live music which engages more and more interaction with the dancing body.
The IMPRO_RING is ideal for urban dance improvisation, performing and interaction with public, aswell often very successful in Museums of Contemporary Art or other genre. IMPRO_RING is intended to be set up also during Dance Festivals as an ideal way of "dance happening".

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