• Improring Head


A dear friend of mine, Ruben Reniers choreographer, came to visit me in september 2009 during the dance competition "Danz'é - Festival Oriente Occidente" in Rovereto, Italy. While we where chatting outside the MART Museum, we started playing and dancing spontaneously like happy kids, like two dancers-kids. Afterwards it came to my mind that it would have been cool to have an area in front of dance festivals or dance competition, where you could freely and comfortably dance improvise. I also noticed that the presence of an "eye catcher", the carpet on the ground advertising the festival, worked as a catalisator for our dance improv. This is the way I came to the idea of IMPRO_RING in the way is structured today, with its "magic yellow dance carpet"... happy dancing!

Raffaele Irace